Tattoo Token

Tattoo Token

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*** I have had a lot of questions asking whether these can be purchased outside of the UK. And yes they can! Just checkout as normal and your local currency will be charged on checkout. ***

If you would like to use one of my designs for a tattoo please do the right thing and purchase a Tattoo Token.


The token acts as a small donation to support me as the artist and grants you permission to use one of my designs for your personal tattoo. Your tattoo artist is more than welcome to alter the design.

Once purchased if you email me at, with a screenshot of a design you would like - I will then send across a high quality digital copy for you to show your tattoo artist.

*Please purchase one token per design*

ALL designs on my website or social media are available for tattoos! I unfortunately don't get time to upload every design to my website - however, every design is available! 

(If you are a Tattooist or own a Tattoo Studio email me!)

My illustrations and designs can not be subsequently sold, used for flash sheets, sold in tattoo shops, or used to create prints without my permission.

You are also more than welcome to use my designs to create a personal temporary tattoo - no resale!

Thank you so much for your honesty and support! ✌️

Once tattooed, feel free to tag me on Instagram or send me a photo as I would love to see it!